Sunday, 6 January 2013

Milk Magazine 2 - Rafa-kids toddler bed

Just before holiday time I got this special issue of Milk magazine in my hands!
I think it is one of the best magazines about contemporary home decor. It's a bit pity it's only in French (or it is a pity I do not read in French ;-) There is short description at the end in English. I can watch it over an over again and find so many inspirations!  For me it is still difficult to believe that our R toddler bed, was selected for the photo shoot made at the Serendipity shop, for this issue. The strong concept of yellow, wood and gold is absolutely surprising and exceptional. Since our Rafa-kids brand color is yellow I feel even more attached to all this photos. I absolutely adore it and I am proud we made it into this selection! 

         photo's Claire Israël ,  styling dJulie Boucherat et Mélanie HŒpffner  


  1. Jesli bardzo zalezy Ci na ktoryms fragmencie, to z przyjemnoscia oferuje pomoc w tlumaczeniu. Posiadam egzemplarz, wiec wystarczy, jesli podasz strone, lub tytul. Wiernie sledze Wasz blog i bardzo sie ucieszylam, kiedy rozpoznalam RAFA lozko przewracajac kartki MILK.

    1. Bardzo dziekuje, i objecuje pamietac w razie potrzeby!

  2. I like this pictures...
    I love your blog !!!
    And I wish you a happy new year !!!
    All the best


  3. I recognized your bed when reading the magazine (which is so pretty by the way!). Congratulations, Agata & Arek!