Monday, 7 January 2013

Faye Toogood

I have a crash - Faye Toogood! She is just simply TOO GOOD!  
Faye Toogood is a London-based experiential designer. She is making furniture under her own name and she also runs Studio Toogood through which she photoshoots for editorial magazines, advertising campaigns or luxury brands. After 8 years at World of Interiors, Toogood left in 2008 to start up her own creative consultancy, Studio Toogood, based in her own home in north London. Her portfolio is very immersive including  work for Tom Dixon and Dover Street Market. She also enhanced runways and window installations, for Vivienne Westwood, Alexandes McQueen or Kenzo… I can only say it's an amazing talent, way worth to watch!  
" Straight out of university, where she studied fine art and art history, she applied for a styling job at World of Interiors and turned up at the interview with nothing but a suitcase full of objects that had grabbed her attention and though she had never styled a shoot in her life, she was offered the job. "I was very raw," she says, "but I think they just saw something about my eye."

  " With design, people have always either made objects or been interior designers – 
but that whole line has been blurred now.’ Faye Toogood