Thursday, 10 January 2013

La Petite Magazine - Q&A with Rafa-kids

I'm happy to share with you few photo's from great La Petite Magazine ,

and inside an interview with Rafa-kids ;-) Enjoy! 

Q: What was your inspiration behind Rafa-Kids?

We are both architects with my husband and it is a very broad profession. It is also more like way of living and looking at things, than just  work. So when one day, we tried to find a bunk bed, that would work in our two sons room, it was kind of natural for us, that we just sat, and drew it ourself. That was the very beginning of Rafa-kids. 

Q: If you had to choose one item from your shop, what would it be and why?

I will go for our F bunk bed because it is a great space sever, and our wheeled toddler bed is a great fun too. But actually I always try to look forward, so the most exited things are just lying on my desk. The sketches and models of the next designs are my favorite. I hope our collection will grow in time as we plan. 

Q: If we were to visit your home, what would say your style is?

I will say simple and modern, with a bit of loft and industrial atmosphere. 

Q: Do you have any kids? What has been your favorite Vacation Spot with them?

Yes, I have two boys: Franek is 6 and Robert  2 years old.  We spent our last holiday at the cost of Denmark, close to Arhus. We rent a holiday house with friends with children. It was just perfect. We had company for the evenings. The kids were busy with each other the whole day.  We had sea just around the corner of our house, beautiful nature to explore. One day Legoland for kids, and a great architecture and design in Arhus.  So there was something to enjoy for everybody. 

Q: Where do you find inspiration in designing your furniture?

I keep following contemporary furniture and look at good designers, which is a great way to learn.  But I am not keen on any particular style, but much more go for the classic furniture pieces. It's so fascinating that people can enjoy some furniture for even decades.  And since Rafa-kids is sort of a third child to us, it happens that Arek just draws something during a Sunday breakfast, and discusses it with me,  just over our kids making a mess at the table. So I guess we are great inspiration for each other. 

Thank you Rachelle for inviting us!