Monday, 16 July 2012

Vitra for kids /part 4 - Eames Elephant

It's time to continue our great Vitra for kids serie. 
After Hang-it-all and Utensilo and Panton-chair I'm happy to present Eames Elephant
In 1945  Charles and Ray Eames designed the legendary Plywood Elephant but it was to expensive to be produce and at that time only 2 prototypes were made. In 2007 Vitra launched a limited edition of the Plywood Elephant on the occasion of the 100th birthday of Charles. The 2000 copies were sold out immediately! Of course the Playwood Elephant went to the collectors and not the children rooms , not really like designers wanted. In the light of this, Vitra decided to develop a version that would be affordable as a child's toy: the Eames Elephant made of plastic. One of the Eames principal mottos was : " The most of the best to the greatest number of people for the least." It is available in five colors: red, ice-grey,white, dark lime and light pink.

photo's : 
1 - children playing outside  and
2 - styling with red elephant : photography: Mikkel Tjellesen/Styling Revelver from: revolver 
3 - styling with white elephant: photography: Kristiina Kurronen/ Styling Susanna Vento from
4 - ice-grey elephant with the boy kltworks
5 - elephant nursery littlelovely
6 - Eames Plywood Elephant with box designbyherwell