Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Dumoor from Richard Hutten

Richard Hutten at home / photo Inga Powilleit / styling Tatjana Quax
house of Margreeth Olsthoorm, photo Tjitske van Leeuwen for vtwonen
house & photo from Joscha - mushandmade

Beker Dumoor in Dutch and Dumbo Mug in English is a Dutch modern design cup for kids. It has this funny big ears which are easy to grab by small hands. I saw it in some Dutch houses in the magazines and blogs. It is pretty easy to notice because its a real eye catcher in kitchen or any other wall display. The Dumbo Mug is designed by Richard Hutten for NgispeN and is available in bright colors: red, green, orange, blue, purple, white and black ( limited edition). 


  1. We love it too, great mug!

  2. Nice and easy to use for kids!

  3. So cool, my son would love one of those : )

    1. Yes, I think will have to get two for my sons ;-)