Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Dutch Design for kids - Stek and Stoerrr

I've noticed that there is many great Dutch designs for kids that I have not shown here yet. It is time for some selection! Today just two first ones: Stoerrr and Stek. This two brands create products with a strong and robust look. Stek has a collection for children furniture like chair, stool and table. I think the rocking chair is really cool ! Stoerrr company have also an interesting collection for kids with a twist and humor. Koen Crommentuijn is a designer standing behind it. He finished the Art Academie in Maasticht and he is also busy designing objects to play for kids under the name studio PAPAS. From all their different products I like the crocodile /KROK Kapstok / hanger the most. It would make a happy boy having this animal in his room ;-)