Saturday, 14 July 2012

Juno bed designed by Viggo Einfeldt

 model 1

model 2

I wanted to make a post about beautiful children bed which I see in many Danish homes. I thought that this bed comes from Sebra but searching on the web I discovered that Kili bed is not the only one!  there's also Noahbeds and Alt-til-baby and all of them look the same. This let me into discovery that all of this beds are accully copies of a design from 40's ! The original Juno bed was created by architect Viggo Einfeldt. His granddaughter made a site where we can read the history of the original bed which is no more in production since late 50's.  The idea of the Juno was a pull-out bed that would follow the child from the first week to the early teenage years, where the (fully extended and without side bars) could act as a sofa in a teen's room. His motto was a "BED THAT GROWS WITH THE CHILD" . Juno came in two versions, Juno 1 and Juno 2 - the first probably unknown to most. There are 3 different lengths of the bed , and you can extend it, according to the child's growth. The design has a timeless beauty and functionality which makes it still a very popular bed. I guess this popularity made so many companies to profit from producing colorful copies. It is just a shame there are no credits given to the designer. 
  Modern copy of the Juno bed :

modern beds from 1 /  2-3  / 4     all old materials from :