Saturday, 14 July 2012

Juno bed designed by Viggo Einfeldt

 model 1

model 2

I wanted to make a post about beautiful children bed which I see in many Danish homes. I thought that this bed comes from Sebra but searching on the web I discovered that Kili bed is not the only one!  there's also Noahbeds and Alt-til-baby and all of them look the same. This let me into discovery that all of this beds are accully copies of a design from 40's ! The original Juno bed was created by architect Viggo Einfeldt. His granddaughter made a site where we can read the history of the original bed which is no more in production since late 50's.  The idea of the Juno was a pull-out bed that would follow the child from the first week to the early teenage years, where the (fully extended and without side bars) could act as a sofa in a teen's room. His motto was a "BED THAT GROWS WITH THE CHILD" . Juno came in two versions, Juno 1 and Juno 2 - the first probably unknown to most. There are 3 different lengths of the bed , and you can extend it, according to the child's growth. The design has a timeless beauty and functionality which makes it still a very popular bed. I guess this popularity made so many companies to profit from producing colorful copies. It is just a shame there are no credits given to the designer. 
  Modern copy of the Juno bed :

modern beds from 1 /  2-3  / 4     all old materials from :


  1. Oh my goodness - the Kili bed is one of my favourite beds - and I also thought that it was just by Sebra. I had NO idea there was so much history behind it and copied by several companies from the original! Thanks for sharing : )

  2. Juno bed design by Viggo Einfeldt is given here. Useful post

  3. The Kili bed is one of my favourite beds..Thanks for sharing..

  4. Woah. really wonderful baby cart ..Looks like I just found an amazing solution to a feature I don't like! Thanks for sharing!

  5. a ja szukam takiego lozeczka w wersji mini dla lalek.Czy natknelas sie na nie gdzies w holandii??

    1. Niestety nie, bo my malo laleczkowi jestesmy z dwoma chlopakami ;- )