Thursday, 5 July 2012

Favorite blog - mushandmade

Sometimes I wonder how it is possible to be a mum of 4 kids and still stay creative at your work and run your own company. When I stop by Joscha's blog mushandmade I enjoy her work and photos so much. I really like the original way of framing the every day moments. Colorful details, natural look of kids playing around and all the activity the family is up to…caugth in a really special and beautiful way.  
Next to her busy family life Joscha is also an owner of MUSwerk . She is making personal stamps, perfect for brand logos, product info or just making a personal birthday invitation, letter logo or cards. You can just send her an e-mail if you want to have something special! 


  1. Hi Agata, Joscha's blog looks great, thanks for sharing it with us! Also my giveaway prize arrived today, thank you so much it is really lovely - and it is perfect timing because it is my son's birthday on Saturday! Rachel x

    1. Hi Rachel, I'm glad you got it in time ;-) Enjoy it on Saturday! All the best, Agata

  2. Thanks for sharing, look great! also love your blog and the name too because I call my husband Rafa : ) take care x