Thursday, 26 July 2012

A Home, my Home

" A Home, my Home " 

" ...Two walls and a roof as a shelter. 
A home warms the hearts of the ones that live in it and shelters when it rains;
 it’s the place where one happily returns and where one feels “at home”…" 

Sometimes books don't need any text, don't they?  
Do you like when the drawing expresses so much only with image? 
My children prefer stories to be read instead of only to watch the images. 
Especially my 6 years old loves looooong stories.…but I adore visual books a lot ;-) 

  " A Home, my Home " by Alessandro Sanna 
and " 123 A BOOK to SEE" by William Wondriska are for me minimalist beauty….

Available at Edizioni Corraini