Monday, 30 July 2012

Recycled Denim

"…Denim is an incredibly beautiful base material that only gains beauty over time. The fabric is extremely strong while getting softer and gaining character after heavily use over time…" 

The fox, the anteater and the elephant are made from recycled denimI found it at Shuka shop in Amsterdam, but its coming from a company called Maisonindigo.  They are based in the Netherlands. Their beautifull animals are hand made by people with disabilities. 

The second company is a BluBoxx created by a textile designer Jeannine Oberdieck. Her sustainable new toys are mostly produced from recycled material, also denim. The first prototype is a five-pice set of building blocks which is really looking like fun. I think its a fantastic idea…

 Inspired by all of it I made a small blanket for my son from old jeans and my husband T-shirts. 
He has only blue , grey and black -  perfect selection! ;-)