Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Bunk bed - Stapelbed - part 1

Bunk bed is the best space saver in a child's room. It's bringing fun and create second level in the room - to play, to hide, to climb. Children love it! ;-) My husband use to say " "Every child wants to have one". His father made one for him and his older brother. We did it for our sons too. Now we have Rafa-kids bunk bed for you. 

There is plenty of great examples, so I would like to start a new series here to show you nice ideas for children bunk beds. First one will be the vintage bunk bed from Luigi Colani which I really love. He designed his "Rappelkiste" all in one desk/closet/loft bed in 1975 . Compact design which is taking not so much space. Beautiful and functional. I would really like to see this great bed in production again - and the color! Fantastic - isn't it? The second one is a modern and really simple white bunk bed from Alex bunk system. For me it has sort of basic shape but has the same concept - bed + closet and place for a desk. Next to it I'm showing you two bunk beds which are next to each other  - this is a great idea to do for two kids in one room. The third one is the modern F bunk bed from Rafa-kids. It has also bed lifted from the ground to free the space under it for any child's activity. It has modern and one of a kind look! ;-) The desk, bookshelf and maybe closet are on the way! I will keep you posted.