Monday, 13 February 2012

Sunshine Award

I've been awarded the Sunshine Award by Celine from Petit a petit and family. Really special person and blogger full of positive energy and big talent for discoveries! Don't go to her Pitnerest - you will become an addict! I'm so delighted to be chosen  by her, and why ? " Agatha is a real sweet person, I've only recently met her through Facebook and absolutely fell in love with her blog. She is also working on building her website and a furniture line, which from the looks of the prototypes I think will be a great success. So I send her a little sunshine, because you need all the light you can get when running a family and starting a new business adventure. " 
Thank you for the supporting words Celine! 

When receiving the award you are asked to answer some sunshine questions and then pass the award to 5 other bloggers who deserve a little sunshine too. The questions...

Favorite colour: Its a year of yellow for me.  Energetic, fresh and feels like a new start . 
Favorite animal: Butterflies 
Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Fruits juices and cocktails. My husband use to make them every morning before we got our first child! They are delicious!

Facebook or Twitter: Facebook
Favorite number: No, I really don't have that! 
Favorite day of the week: Friday. Friday evening is the best when I can feel the two free days coming.
My passion: People. I should finish psychology or become a medium ;-) 
Getting or giving presents: Packing presents. 
Favorite pattern: Nature patterns always fascinate me. I have a book with microscopic photos of the inside of stones - amazing! 
Favorite flower: Calla lily - simplicity and beauty - on my wedding day I got the purple ones.

My nominations for the Sunshine Award go to... 

Kavkadesign - always favorite blog. Asia Gwis is really talented illustrator/graphic designer and she is making her blog part of her creation and creativity. I adore her taste and its always inspiring place to be. I'm sending to Asia a sunshine because she is a moody person like me and she don't really like winter grey days. She definitely need some positive vibe of shine! 
Lille Lykke - beautiful blog full of scandinavian design and interiors - for me always so fresh and inspiring. Lille Lykke is for Denish SMALL HAPPINESS and I'm sure it is exactly all about it. Caroline became a mother few days ago, so thats why I want to send her a sunshine to welcome her in the motherhood .  I hope she will find way in her new life and will be back to blogging - reach with new life experiences. I believe it is not always so easy!  
Guusjes-appeltaart - place where I feel warm and welcome, almost smelling the food and smile. Guusje is a talented textile artist who recently lounched her amazing breakwater company . She is also a mom of three! So I'm sending her a sunshine exactly for the same reason I got it. I know how hard sometime it is to put together being a good mom and also keep our passions and creativity! Guusje is recently quiet on her blog so maybe the sunshine will bring her for a moment back ? 
Handmadecharlotte - for the never ending inspiration finds in the field of design for kids. A mom of 5 ! I just don't know how you doing it! so thats why my sunshine goes to you - for the hope you will always keep this great spirit around. Thank you for that! 
Weekday carnival - is one of strongest and coolest design blogs I know - I don't really believe she would want to do this questionaire! But let's give it a try! Its for me like sending a sunshine to a rock mountain! I adore her taste and that she is being consequent with what she do and what she creates. 


  1. THANK YOU SWEETIE SO MUCH!!!!!! I'm very, very happy, you made my day! Kisses

  2. Congrats on your lovely award :) and thanks so much for your sweet words on my blog today - look forward to catching up with you and your new business in the future :)

  3. Thanks for the nice compliments, and I'm happy to see you've participated too... It's fun getting to know you a little better and guess what we more in common! I happen to have a psychology degree from university & I'm moody as well ;) looking forward to knowing better...