Sunday, 5 February 2012

Dutch on ice.

We have got beautiful weekend. It was white, cold and the sun was shining!  Just few minutes from our house we have the frozen canals where everybody enjoy the ice. I'm sure not only the Dutch kids are waiting all year long for this winter moment! ;-) Today its was really looking like the paintings of Hendrick Avercamp or Brueghel - with the beautiful winter scenes from Holland. I love it! The old skates I bought for 5 euros in an old shop around the corner of my house ;-) 

" The winter landscapes by Hendrick Avercamp  /Amsterdam 1585-1634/ are some of the most characteristic Dutch panoramas of the 17th century. It was shortly after 1600 that he developed his vistas of frozen rivers and canals into an independent genre of Dutch art. His paintings and drawings convey a timeless atmosphere that continues to strike a familiar chord to this day. They demonstrate to perfection the passion that natural ice has aroused in the Dutch soul for centuries: when the water freezes over, everyone takes to the ice - young and old, rich and poor.(…) There are always new details to be discovered in his theatrical settings: couples skating about elegantly, finely-dressed gentlemen playing kolf, children sledding, or a sailing-boat flitting past on skates. "