Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Richard Lampert kids furniture collection and Alexander Seifried design

FAMILLE GARAGE – Design: Alexander Seifried - 2010

I saw Richard Lampert  Kids Only Collection in some catalog presenting Germain Fair called IMM Cologne. Its a range of designer furniture for children - collected together. I like most the furniture designed by Alexander Seifried. His collection is called " Famille Garage’ What’s really special about it is that you can change this little piece function according to your needs. 'Familly Garage" can be used as storage or shelving or seating. Wooden 'table legs' are basic elements on which tops and shelves can be attached. The high quality, heavy plastic boxes are made in Germany. 

Alexander Seifried designed also a bed in 2007 for Richard Lampert.  ( not included in the collection but I founded interesting ) One bed on top of another. Where for? Smaller rooms, for youngsters at home, students, singles, guests at the mountain hut or the beech house. They all need a couch during the day and a bed at night. And when guest arrives, a second bed is available, lifted and put next to the one below. This bed can grow with you from the child room to the student quarter and can become a perfect double bed for a young couple. 

Richard Lampert - the Kids Only collection - 2011 :
Famille Garage by Alexander Seifried , In out mini and Tur tur by Eric Degenhardt, Wonder Box by Monica Forster, Pit stop by Bertjan Pot, Rocker by Doshi Levien, Nixe by Straub&Straub (original by Rosa Reinhard) 

PIT STOP – Design: Bertjan Pot - 2010

WONDER BOX – Design: Monica Förster - 2010

 ROCKIN WITH ROCKER – Design: Doshi Levie - 2010