Monday, 13 February 2012

Rafa-kids working behind the scene

Last week I was doing some photos with my son for our website. It was fun because he was moving ALL THE TIME even when I asked him to lie for just 5 seconds under the bedding! He was asking constantly -  mom - but this is all for girls!!! - why I do have to do it? ;-) oh yes, my dear, I don't have any daughter around so you have to be my girl for today! Please just show me your legs !!! ;-) You wonder why I'm doing a photos of bedding? Oh yes, I have so much work with the furniture that I've decided to go a bit further!  Since I feel there is a gap in the market of kids modern design bedding I wanted to have few modern designers in my webshop. It was hard to find anything fresh and fitting our style…but I got something! Really exciting! 

The website is taking shape … and just few more weeks to go.
A big news at the end! The prototype beds are sold! Franek's school friend and his brother are enjoying it now. I heard that the first night sleep was good. We are waiting for any comments from them, but so far I think they are happy with it. So do we!