Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Brio train - life time toy

We started collecting brio train set since my older son was 2. It was a simple circle rails and a small locomotive with one wagon. When a family was asking what my son would like to have, I was saying that this is a safe option ;-) Ones grandmother bought us a big set of wooden rails and trains from other producent ( she couldn't buy only one train from brio! you know - it has to always be more impressive! ) but happily many other wooden train systems can be easily connected with Brio, even the ikea ones. This way you can build up a beautiful life time collection. Brio has an amazing design which I really like. My 15 month old Robert already starts to put the rail elements together! Franek can build more complicated constructions and add stations and so on. It is one of my all time favorite kids toys. 

BRIO’s new Metro Railway set has been awarded Toy of the Year 2011– and not just in Sweden, but in Finland also – as well as having been awarded a Golden Rocking Horse in Germany.