Monday, 27 June 2011

Polish design - Toprojekt

Toprojekt is a fresh, young design studio from Poland. Two, multitalented designers, are standing behind it. Agnieszka Brzezinska and Karolina Majewska. Both graduated in Interior Architecture and Design at Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. Agnieszka is a graphic designer specialized in Visual Communication.  Karolina focuses on Product Design, and has a broad-based design skills.

They have a great idea, to create a company, which will offer comprehensive, good quality design for children.  Since February 2010 as they design baby products, bags, websites, posters, flyers, etc. They are also giving workshops for children. I’m really impressed with their creativity, and beauty of many of their projects.  I cross my fingers, for their wide success, not only in Poland.
Agnieszka Brzezinska runs a blog about design: Graphic design, product design…..
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