Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Inspiration - aNa veNtura

I received really special package from Portugal. I was happy like a little girl. It was a birthday present from my husband, and from Ana Ventura. She is an artist, which I get to know from the web, and I follow her creative steps with a great joy.  It is difficult for me to write about it , because I will get really emotional.
Simply – her work is touching deeply my hart.

The present I got, is from a serie – Roots….
I was moving many, many times in my life; It started when I was a teenager. Now I’m living abroad. For some time it was a hard cookie for me, and I didn’t know where my place on earth really is. But, like someone already said: “ my house is where my hart is” , and the people I love, are my roots. 

Ana inspirations

and here detail from “Love “ serie …. I will be happy too look at it every day.

more beautifful work of Ana you can find here