Tuesday, 14 June 2011

My design - baby room

Today my younger boy is 8 months old. He is growing so fast....his cradle is geting to small for him, it is time to move to a big bed, yes! Some time ago, I did this littel room for him...red,dark blue, and of course white. At the photo I’m still having my big belly ;-) and hanging some small birds made out of felt – he still loves them a lot.


  1. You know I love this room - it is so different from all the standard Ikea-equipped-rooms! Some time ago I was looking for furniture for my 2-year-old son and we ended up byuing the Ikea stuff, because it was cheaper and more universal than similar products offered by other producers (it was important for me, because the furniture will be changed within 2-3 years). I dream of simple, unversal, scandinavian-way furniture that would not cost a lot of money. I think this is what we lack in Poland (or maybe my research was not enough?)

  2. My big dream I am working on is to make a small line of furniture for children, simple and with a good price. Ikea have many nice, simple furniture, for good money, that’s the power of it, also here in Holland it’s popular. For a good, original design, most of time, you have to pay more.

  3. I love it! (And Sisi slept in that very same cradle until she started to sit at 6 months.) I still miss having that cradle.. beds are so boring! :D

    great room, thanks for posting!

  4. Some time I wish the children stay so small and sweet in they cradle forever! ;-D
    Thank you for nice worlds!