Monday, 20 June 2011

Polish children book illustration –Joanna Concejo.

It was raining weekend out here, and feels like the summer went for a long walk…I enjoy to look at the beautiful work of polish artist - Joanna Concejo (1971). It puts me in some romantic and dreaming mood.

She was born in Slupsk and finished Art Academy in Poznan. Joanna moved to France. After long way of finding her own style, trying many things (painting, collage, installation), she discovers simple pensile and a small notebook, where she starts to draw. Her debut book was  Il signor NessunoPan Nikt  in (2008) Joanna likes this one the most from her all published books.
Some of other books : Au Clair de la Nuit / W świetle nocy ,  L'angelo delle scarpe/ Anioł od butów , Entrez!/ Wejdźcie!   I cigni selvatici, Dzikie łabędzie (ilustrations of Andersen stories) In September Humo Antóna Fortesa  - Dym will be published in polish. It is a difficult story about a child who dies in concentration kamp.
For me all the illustration of Joanna Concejo, are very metaphoric and moving.
You can read an interview with Joanna here (in polish) Joanna Concejo and her blog Joanna blog

illustration with approval from Joanna Concejo , from
collages made by Rafa kids  /photo 1. 2 . 5/