Friday, 10 June 2011

Furniture - Tripp Trapp from Stokke

Can you imagine that this high chair for children was designed 40-year ago? Till now nobody had discovered anything so unique and simple, and what is so important, this chair can take you from baby to adult. Thank you Peter Opsvik from Norway! Named - The Tripp Trapp- high chair is the most popular chair for children in the Netherlands,Germany, and in Japan. Children use it also as stairs, so they can climb on it and take something what they should not suppose to take ;-)
You can buy it in 50 countries and in 12 colours; the most popular is natural wood.

I collected some interiors with the Trip Trapp chair, to show you how great design it is, and how it fits to many house styles, from modern to vintage. I got the simple white version! You can see it on the last photo  .

last from my house.


  1. Hi agata, thanks for all the pictures... And I spy that you have a very beautiful home there yourself! I'd love to see more of it... :)

  2. Hello Isa,
    Thank you…… it’s so nice to have a spy!
    I will show more, I promise ; -D
    We rebuild our entire house, so of course, I want to share it, but it needs some special treatments ;-) working on it!

  3. To krzesło idealne.
    Siedzi na takim i 9 latek i 9-miesięczniak.

  4. Thank you for the post. I have been looking for kids furniture. I will keep this in mind, I love the modern look.

  5. I like the high chair! It's retro with a taste of 2010/2011 in it, and definitely stylish! It's difficult to find stylish kids furniture. Nice!