Thursday, 11 August 2011

Webshop – amazing fabrics from Volksfaden

I’m a big fan of modern fabrics, designed by artists. I wish I could saw really well. I did some small things for my sons, but I’m not really happy about them. (well I’m a perfectionist ;-)  Now I’m going to do some blanket and pillows for the younger one. But for all of you, who like to saw, or just love fabrics –  Volksfaden is a great source of inspiration! This shop have amazing amount of interesting designers to see and enjoy! Here is the link : volksfaden

Some of my favourites /

1/ Crazy Cupcakes - from Alexander Henry
2/ A Day In The Life - Mummysam for Robert Kaufman
3/  Boys Big Little - BOYS WILL BE BOYS collection David Walker
4/ Metro Cafe - Suzy Ultman for Robert Kaufman 

collages and fabric photos: Katharina Neubert , Linda Gaylord / all materials from official site