Saturday, 20 August 2011

Toys – beauty of wood

When my first child was born, I had this dream that I will give him only few, but really special toys. I was struck by some houses I saw, with many, many toys, and kids, who don’t really care about them. I wished to learn my child the respect for small but special things. I was even asking family to buy for eventual gifts some wooden or special (please not plastic) toys. It was kind of radical, wasn’t it? Life verified this dream a bit, but I still love wooden toys so much ;-) ... 

Today just few I like :  Kiko-kids, new brand from Japan. Something from Scandinavia: a classic Rosendahl animals from Denmark. Cuboro, fantastic toy from Switzerland .

links :  kiko – kids   /  rosendahl    /  cuboro


  1. I love wood too. I have tried to stop people buying us more plastic. I now have 3 children. I am sad when my oldest doesn't seem to appreciate her toys the way i would like her too. I think less is more but they have so many gifts too!

    How did you get on with only a few special toys? Could you sustain it?

  2. hallo Tracey. I know it’s not easy, especially when children are growing up and have their own wishes. But when my son was smaller, I talked about it a lot with family and friends. It was a fight sometimes, but after a while they appreciated it and understood. When they saw how long my son could play just with one toy, they finally got what we were trying to do. For his 3rd birthday I said to family, and friends that we are collecting BRIO train set, so he got only different part of it. It was great. Of course he is also getting some plastic cars, and others he buys himself (from money he saved up) I can’t say no to everything. Now he loves Playmobil, like his friends at school. But as far as I can, I always try to say about what is good toy, good quality of materials, and I’m sure he can see some difference, and learn a good taste.