Thursday, 25 August 2011

Made in Poland – Karolina Gościniak – muamuadesign

Not for the first time I see talented designers, when they got children, they start to make beautiful objects for the small ones. Not that suprising, isn’t it? Having a child sometimes opens another door in your life. Karolina (Kaja) Gościniak, a graphic designer, from Poland, is making a beautiful and colourful birds (ptaszydla ;-), for her daughter Helenka. I really like the bright colours and fresh design with the graphic touch. here Kaja site :

“Ideas are seeds.
We sow them, give them water, take care of.
They grow to projects, we watch them, hug them.
Finally we cut and pick them.
And here we give them to You. “   muamuadesign

all materials used with approval of the Karolina Gosciniak, via: kickcanandconkers