Wednesday, 8 October 2014

working space

working space in black
black desk

I've started new Pinterest board “work space” while ago. 
I notice that I like, very minimal and clean desks and space the most. At my home, the house can be a mess, but when I need to do some work, I first clean my desk otherwise I just can’t concentrate. I don’t like to face the wall with my working space, so I have my desk in front of the window. It’s not about looking outside, it’s about the need of feeling open and sit in light. If I will ever have a bigger house or start to work more often in our studio, I would love to have a working space in the middle of the room. What is your perfect working space?  Do you need a lot of storage around you? or you like to keep it clean and minimal like I do ? 

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minimal white working space
string system with a small desk white
lotta agaton for herman miller