Wednesday, 1 October 2014

photography Frederic Lucano

photography Frederic Lucano

I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday evening and the week is almost gone. It was very busy weekend for our family, since we celebrated birthday of our older son. We had a wonderful party on Sunday with teen boys age 8! We made it outside, the weather was wonderful…and our boy was very happy. I didn’t have much time to blog since then…so today just some treat for the eyes. Beautiful photography from Frederic Lucano. I like his minimal style, but with the touch of French textures and colours, looks so romantic and contemporary at the same time. 

photo’s : Frederic Lucano house and his website : fredericlucano

photography Frederic Lucano
Serendipity store Paris photography Frederic Lucano
raw white table photography Frederic Lucano

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