Monday, 6 October 2014

room to dream

linen bedding - photo vtwonen magazine
sleeping corner with linen cover and pillows
Rafa-kids A teen bed - at Bodie and Fou styling: Karine Kong photo Francois Kong

I would like to tell you something. I have a crash on washed linen for some time now. When I visited maison-objet in Paris in September, it was just difficult to avoid it, they were all over the place at the textile hall. I used to sleep in cotton for years, but then the calm, dreaming look of washed linen bedding, was all what I would like to think of. I decided to go for it, and create some new collection of bedding for Rafa-kids , since the one we have didn’t changed since the beginning. I’m so much into challenge of trying something new! The orders are made and I’m waiting to get all new wonderful products …so stay with me. 

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room-to-dream store - grey and yellow bedding
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