Friday, 17 October 2014

blue jeans

Rafa-kids a teen bed

Blue and orange are one of my favourite colour combination. Last year we did a photo session with our Rafa-kids A teen bed in this colours which you see above. I still like it so much!  My older son loves orange colour too, but it was not that easy to make a room with it. Here you can see my post about it : boys-room   . You will probably say, oh yes, orange is a favourite Dutch colour, but acutely you see it mostly only during the national holidays, not really that much in the home deco. I personally think that orange in combination with black colours gets a bit to heavy, and brings you into halloween mood, but with touch of blue tones, jeans, and some textures of grey, it’s getting lighter and elegant. Orange with the industrial, raw accessories looks also very fresh. 

All photo’s I’m showing , are from KEK MAMA / WONEN Dutch magazine, 
styling made by estherloonstijn and photo’s by fotolemaire

KEK WONEN inspiratie voor kinderkamer
 kek wonen magazine inspiratie voor kinderkamer
KEK WONEN inspiratie voor kinderkamer