Sunday, 29 December 2013

Rafa-kids Year 2013 - Thank you!

Rafa-kids studio  pictures © Paulina Arcklin

The year 2013 is going to end soon.  
Do you want to look back with us and see how busy Rafa-kids was?

In January 2013 we got keys to our Rafa-kids studio. We did not even dream to open own studio/showroom being just a starting company not even a year on the market! We took the challenge though and fell in love with the space from the beginning. It needed some work and took 3 winter months to just make it clean and simple...

rebuilding Rafa-kids studio
rebuilding Rafa-kids studio

In March we launched our third product - A teen bed which is a perfect combination for the F bunk bed. Since then we have a new set F&A for two older kids.  We also extended our Rafa-kids collection with 2 new colors - white wash and dark chocolate and add mattresses to all our beds. Many parents asked us for it and we decided we would like to make life easer for them. 

teener bed from Rafa-kids
furniture sample colors from Rafa-kids
Loft bunk bed with toddler bed from Rafa-kids

Spring came with all new beds and colors delivered to our studio. 
Maybe you remember my blog post from March ? Picture-this-concept-by-Paulina-Arcklin
In May we had our fist photo session with this great lady.

Rafa-kids A teen bed pictures © Paulina Arcklin
Rafa-kids studio  pictures © Paulina Arcklin
Agata & Arek Seredyn  pictures © Paulina Arcklin
Agata & Arek Seredyn  pictures © Paulina Arcklin

Sunny Spring days met us working hard in the studio on new pictures of the white wash collection. 

Facebook fans reached 1000 and we introduces quirky little S swing and XO game.

Rafa-kids postcard
Rafa-kids S swing
Rafa-kids S swing
Rafa-kids XO game
Rafa-kids bed going to California

The studio became a great place to work from ...and we also ship our products around the World. 
In September faced with still growing demand for our beds we doubled the production. 

Rafa-kids studio in Rotterdam

After a great Summer break, with new energy, we photographed ourselves the dark chocolate beds. 
It is such a fun to prepare the styling, ideas and shoot it all in our own studio.

Loft bunk bed dark chocolate Rafa-kids
Loft bunk bed dark chocolate Rafa-kids
Toddler bed  dark chocolate Rafa-kids

In November Rafa-kids got ready for the cold winter days 
bringing beautiful WOOL blankets from Scandinavia to our collection.

wool Scandinavian blankets collection Rafa-kids

We look back and see that we worked very hard to be where we are now. 
We are also  very happy to have chance to meet on our way such a great people who inspire us and help to go further. 

We would like to thank this years especially: 

 Paulina Arcklin for inspiration, support and opening our eyes for so many things. 
You are such a talented lady, and we are so lucky to work with you.
Anouk Bedeaux/ from Tafel design for support , interest and being always next door! 
It's great to have you around and we hope, we will make more things together in the future.

We would like to thank all our clients. People who trust us getting Rafa-kids beds for their kids.
There is no bigger compliment and energy we take from your comments, 
feedbacks, hearing stories of your kids, sleeping in our beds…. 

Thank you Loods5 for your support and  burrow us products for the pictures. 

Thank you so much, all blog world, which is a fantastic community of people supporting our design. 
Thank you especially our fans at :  Kenziepoo , Little Gatherer and Minor De:tales , April and May
We are blow away to be featured this year at:
 Swiss Miss, The Cool Hunter , Design-Milk , Milk front page , and The Style Files.

Without all of you we would be not where we are! 
THANK you so much! 

Agata & Arek Seredyn Rafa-kids

behind the scenes pictures © Paulina Arcklin | all rights reserved