Thursday, 5 December 2013

small gift for small people

Milimbo is a graphic studio and little publishing house fron Spain 
where we work into differents ways to telling. 
Sometimes we do it writing stories, or illustrating them, sometimes we do it too creating a game, because we understand the game as a way to do and to get knowledge.

And that's what we do. 
Telling with images using a simple code, graphic, wich lead us to the symbolic reading,
 as do the fairy tales and oral tradition." 

milimbo cardboard toys
milimbo jungle
milimbo jungle
milimbo cardboard animal

In this time of year, we are looking for little presents for our children. At least I do ;-)  My boys, are very much into lego (7 years old) and he exactly knows what he wants to get, which makes life easier, but at the same time a bit less exited for me. My younger one (3 years) likes lego too, especially aircrafts and he already tries to build his own ones, which is very nice!  Animals are also a big interest at the moment, especially dinos. Nothing very much different from other boys I guess…..I went to the city the other day, and after 1h, I got so tired of all what I saw….the amount of ugly products for kids… I ran home, and got back to my online world. It's good to know that there is so many original, simple toys, all around the world, made by creative, talented people. 

Milimbo is one of my favorites. I don't know what I like the most about it. The simple shapes and sober colors of a cartoon, the playfulness at the same time….I'm afraid I can only get them now, to put on my desk and enjoy to look at. I somehow missed the moment to introduce them to my kids….
or maybe it's not to late? 


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