Monday, 6 January 2014

new start

Hello 2014 from Rafa-kids

Happy New Year everybody! 

I wish you all a great 2014 and let's make the best out of it! 

After two nice weeks at home with my boys, I need some time to get into the new rhythm, but I'm….
planing, dreaming and looking for the new to come! 

Rafa-kids is having a small clean up at our store, for the last items in our collection.  Now the junior bedding sets :  PAPER DOLL, CAR CARDS and beautiful black&white VISIONTEST, ( junior and adult) are discounted, and we wan't get more once the last one is sold out. 

Stending calendar 2014 by Massimo Vignelli
Stending calendar design Massimo Vignelli

This graphic iconic BIG calendar on the picture is designed by Massimo Vignelli in 1966, 
for American company Stending. 
You can get it in the Nederland here : kleuroptafel It's a real candy for the eye ;-)