Thursday, 12 December 2013

built-in storage

built-in storage house-eadie-tribe-studio-architects

Kids have so much STUFF! 
Creating a good storage is one of the most challenging things to do in their room, I think! I've selected this very strong and simple, built-in storage solutions. I't clean, consequent and very practical. I like to mix a bit close cupboards with open ones, for exposing some toys, and make it a bit more friendly. All white wall , close with storage, its a bit to much for my taste.  I like the first solution the best, with moving boxes with toys, and white cupboards above it and shelfs in between. There is some space to hang drawings, and maybe give more personal touch to this modern space. 
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built-in storage in house of Rika WDC

built-in storage in child's room

built-in storage in child's room


  1. These rooms give you the option to really bring them to life as they start with the basics, storage! Add some nice colourful pictures and rugs, a bed, and you have everything necessary for a child’s bedroom. Keep their toys on low level shelves so they can reach them easily.

    1. Thank you Thomas for this very nice comment!