Thursday, 6 June 2013

Hello July - True Blue from Saša Antić

Hello new month July ! Bring us some blue sky please….

When my 6 years old son saw our first photo-session photos, he said they are too gray! Since the favorite color of both of my sons is blue I would like to make new photos with this color! I know, I know, blue for boys, so boring !I came across an amazing True blue board on pinterest of Swedish stylist  - Saša Antić, and I selected few of my favorites. Its amazing how different blue tones we can have….I really like the light blue, water, transparent and the dark ones, indigo tones, so close to black. You can actually create all different moods and feelings with it, depending of the tone and texture. Have you ever realized that two pictures put next to each other 'speak' better than just one?  

What is your color mood right now? 

 modern madonna

dye in the ink