Thursday, 13 June 2013

101wonideeen / instagram / kinderkamer

Welcome to the world of real Dutch children's rooms! Since a long time I haven't seen anything so inspiring!  Dutch magazine 101woonideeen, organized an event on instagram called #101kinderkamer, asking people to put a pictures of their children's rooms. The magazine chose the most inspiring ones, and will publish them in September's issue of the magazine. I'm a happy winner too ! When I started to watch the other rooms, I just love them so much and have to show it to you. So many different ideas, from very colorful rooms, with amazing wallpapers, textiles, to a very dry grey rooms and also white one with a bit of green, which is my favourite. I think they have so much love and care inside. I'm not surprise that researchers say the Dutch children are the happiest ;-)  
Which room is your favourite ? 
All the pictures are credited to their owners, under each photo. Thank you for all the inspiration! 

mydeernl - Maaike Koster


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Deb. The real rooms are the best isn't ? ;-)

  2. Lovely selection. My favourite is the second one with lots of white and love the little pink polka dots on the wall.

  3. They are all absolutely lovely and so inspiring!!

    1. Yes, they are! Thank you for steeping by.