Saturday, 8 June 2013

Bonbon on the block ❤ Dads

BonBon on the block is a Kid's Concept Store, run by Marieke and Lenny in Rotterdam. Few days ago they presented their brand new campaign BonBon on the block loves dads - and I think its amazing!  After 3 years of running the shop the ladies were hungry for some change and searched for a way to show their collection.  Six homes, six dads who were portrayed by photographer Jan Bill. The kids were dressed by her stylish fathers, using all the clothes and accessories collection from BonBon on the block. The images are just wonderfully playful and natural, made with a great sense of humor an stylish atmosphere.  BonBon on the block is a shop with a great eye for trends and I think they just brought their shop into the next level! Well done!  

Enjoy the great look book of BonBon on the block Dads 
and of course step by the shop : BonBon on the block.