Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Bodie and Fou - inspiring concept store

I have to admit it was not love at first sight when I discovered the Bodie and Fou elegant and chic e-shop few years ago. Step by step, I was watching the big passion and commitment of founder Karine Kong and felt involved and inspired by her way of working. Karine , has not only a great taste and eye for good, well designed products. She adopts them in her home and studio. Together with her brother photographer, Francois Kong, she is bringing ideas for styling the products with her very own style and touch. The real magic happens when we can see the personal taste behind the shop and want desperately to change our own home for better place to live. I think Karine is doing this in a beautiful way. Thank you for that! 

all photo's Francois Kong and styling Karine Kong

               We are delighted that Karine chose our  Rafa-kids beds for her Bodie and Fou collection