Friday, 8 March 2013

Picture this! concept by Paulina Arcklin

It is silence on my blog since a week because there is so many things going on behind the screen. 
I wish I could show and tell you more about it.

Yesterday I went to Amsterdam, to meet very special lady - stylist and photographer Paulina Arcklin.
I steped by her amazing house & studio and was charmed by every single corner of it. 

We are happy that Paulina accepted to do a workshops in our new studio at the beginning of May and help us with the photos session of Rafa-kids beds. How great is that! Yesterday we got our planning session and discussed many interesting ideas. I had problems sleeping after that  ;-) I never worked with a stylist before and this definitely changes my way of thinking. I really needed that.

The pictures above  are made and style by Paulina Arcklin in her house for El Ramla Hanra
Recently Paulina started new blog where she shares simple ideas to change your house. Enjoy!