Friday, 22 March 2013

Greenery at home

Since a few weeks I'm totally obsessed in getting some big and nice plant to our small house ;-) 
Maybe because it is so cold outside and I wish the Spring will be finally here! 

When I saw this apartment and article about greenery in the last Rum issue, I was just blown away. I can't read any Danish so I can only tell you it is a house of artist Antonino Sciortino  living in  Milano.  Photos are made by Serge Anton. I would gladly took not only some of his plants to my home that's for sure! The hight of this apartment is simply incredible and 450 m2 , can you imagine ? The raw concrete floor with beautiful furniture and the Greenery !….It's so perfect to me ;-) 

I wish you a nice week end…and I hope I will find a perfect new plant to my house too!