Monday, 11 March 2013

Let's meet A teen bed from Rafa-kids

Many things are going on here at the moment. One of them is that Rafa-kids is growing!
Today is the moment I can finally show you our new A teen bed
The idea of the bed was born from getting e-mails from parents, where they told us, that they really like our F&R set of beds, but their second child is too old to enjoy the R toddler bed for long. Today we can finally show you how we fulfill this need. 
Rafa-kids A teen bed fits perfectly under the F bunk bed and makes together an F&A set, for older children. The two beds are in adult size and can be used for many years. The bed is low and gives enough comfort space to sit on the bed, read and just enjoy it during the day. We designed a very compact bed, which doesn't take much space in the room and it can be use also like a daybed or in the guest room, when the child moves out from the house.  We really like the simplicity and elegant lines of this bed. You can see and read more on our website : Rafa-kids . Enjoy! 

Rafa-kids collection - photo session in our new studio is coming in May!  I can't wait. 
New A teen bed is ready for pre-orders and will be available in mid - April.