Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Welcome June with the style of Laurence Simoncini

photo's from Laurence Simoncini house made by Mads Mogensen 
Laurence Simoncini is an owner of a dedicated to kids Parisian boutique with an American name, Serendipity founded in 2004. The co-creator is Elisa de Bartillant. I found it pretty amazing that Laurence Simoncini has such a consequent style and taste as well in her private life as in work, and that's why I decided to show you both sides today. I think I've never wrote about French design for kids on Rafa kids blog before! Honestly it's not really my cup of thee…but this time its a big exception. I really like the mix of vintage and modern design in children deco. Especially the rough and industrial character is my favorite and its exactly that what Serendipity uses as their main concept. Maybe now it doesn't sounds really original, but 8 year ago they were pioneering this concept! Serendipity next to their special selection of products, has its own line, for example the wooden Louis 22 bed I'm showing you. I think that Serendipity makes great work of giving each of their objects a clear and recognizable homestyle.

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Serendipity - La boutique 81-83 rue du cherche-midi 75006 Paris