Friday, 29 June 2012

Children love to play with water and mud.

Do your children love to play with water and sand? My younger son is the most dirty example of that! It's difficult to take him out of this mud he makes. Happily we did this small sand box in our garden so the kids can play when they feel like it. My older one is not much into it any more, but sometimes he is happy to help his small brother to make even more mess. I wish you a great weekend. Here we still have one week to go before school holiday. 


  1. hear hear. i loved that too when i was a kid

  2. I am afraid my husband would not stand that at all :-) My boys are playing in sand. The older one is watering plants in the garden - the younger has not discovered it yet :-)

  3. ya i tooo love to play in sand when i was kid, we used to build in sand.. it is really develop our kids creativity, wooden counting toy also help us to develop knowledge..

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