Friday, 15 June 2012

Toddler bed from Rafa-kids - behind scene pictures

Welcome the little R toddler bed on my blog. I though I will give it some attention and share with you some behind the scene photos. You can see the ones we didn't use for the website. Do you have sometimes a feeling that the photo doesn't show good enough what you see? I got the same feeling with this cute little bed…really. The R toddler bed has only few elements and it is so easy to put together. At the beginning we had an idea of using the space under the bed for smart storage. We designed small and big nice boxes on wheels where child can keep toys and use the whole box to play with: use it as a table and the small one as a chair…it turned out to be to expensive to produce for the moment - but we don't give up! Many things still to come….
Have a good weekend!