Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Graphic and modern kid's bedding set

Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings extend they beautiful collection of adult size bedding " Color Block Bed Linen " also for set for children. I really like not only the colors but the fresh graphic pattern. That's why I also fall in love with the StrikAholic bedding which has this simple and modern look. It's really difficult to find such a modern looking accessories for kids, not sweet and childish. Many fine and simple motives like cars, horses, houses and people are design by Dorte Niedziella from Denmark. The bedding have a different colors and pattern on both size what make it even more fun! 
photo child crib - Marjon Hoogervorst  others Bijzondermooi.com  and Rafa-kids.com


  1. i realy like the grafik bedding set, i sleeping in the same one http://www.fraeuleinwunderberlin.blogspot.de/2012/01/fluoreszierende-traume.html
    ...now for kids too...cool :-)

  2. Hey Rafa kids,

    The bedding from strikaholic is very cool.

    Do you know where the motives are from?
    it´s the boards you have too look at, to check your eyes at the doctors office - this one used for kids who can´t read - I think the one for grownups have letters.
    It have looked like this forever - or at least for maybe 50-60 years(?)


    Nanna Hee

    1. Dear Nanna, that's very intresting. I didn't know it is exactly looking like that, I was thinking it's interpretation of this doctors board. Thank you for the info. All the best. Agata