Friday, 18 November 2011

Oeuf be good

Oeuf is one of the most amazing companies in the children product world.  They are making not only modern and elegant furniture but also clothing and accessories. When I look at a good design product for children I always look if they are also safe. When I analyze the bunk bed I'm not sure if I would let my child sleep there. For me the upper bed doesn't have a good hight to protect the child from falling. Maybe when child is sleeping it is ok, but what if it is sitting? Would you feel comfortable with it? The down bed also doesn't have any protection on the sides but I discovered that you can order it separately.

Oeuf was created in 2002 by French-American designers Sophie Demenge and Michael Ryan after the birth of their first baby. All products are designed in New York and clothing collection and accessories are handmade in Bolivia by a Fair Trade women's initiative. Every season they are bringing a new surprise to their customers. I really love the alpaca soft and warm clothing for the small ones. 

Have a nice and warm weekend.