Tuesday 31 January 2012

DIY cork stopper animals by reddish studio + oded friedland

What are you doing with bottle corks? I've found this funny cork animals and I was thinking that it is actually a really nice DIY project to make with kids. The ones on the photos are created by Israeli design studio monkeybusiness and reddish. They designed a special attachment box for the wine bottle with six animal designs : bear, buffalo, bunny, crow, deer and monkey - each package includes the body parts required to make one 'corker' .

Design - Monkeybusiness

What about a cap of thee with a yellow submarine? Today I want to saw you some small design gadgets I like. They are all coming from the talented israeli designers called Monkeybusiness. It is a family run product design studio, found by industrial designer Oded Friedland. Since 2005 they are busy designing original products and collaborating with talented local designers - promising youngsters and experienced professionals alike. I really like the simple Geppeto's pencil sharpener  and of course the yellow Teasub Tea infuse. 

Monday 30 January 2012

Monday slow start of the week

This weekend I received many 'presents' from my boys. The beautiful drawings of my son are waiting for me every day. One I found even in my bed! Its difficult not to keep smiling when I look at them. My son said that the smiling face is a flower  - or just mama ...
 The first yellow narcises standing on my desk.... from my husband ;-) 

Have a good week. 

Sjoelen is back!

Old Dutch game Sjoelen cames back in a modern version! It is a design of Ralf Frickel and produced by Dutch Design Multishuffle. The game was really popular in Dutch families around Christmas and New Year.  Its size is pretty big - It takes space of 2m - so I discovered a great idea to transform it into a children desk during the year - and play when we fill like it. We've played the game few times and we even gave one to our family in Poland - who  is now addicted to it, doing competitions between family members - its great fun! 

Friday 27 January 2012

Rafa-kids behind the scene - photo shoot 

I have really tough week behind me. I'm so happy its friday! 
Wednesday we did our first photo shoot. It cost me a lot of preparation and sleepless nights …..but at the end we have also had a lot of fun!  Especially when the kids just took it over. Making a photo shoot with kids its a challenge! Believe me! The space was beautiful, the light also ….our furniture were nice models too - didn't need to much make up ;-) I'm so glad is over! ;-) I think I will not make any photos coming weeks…I really have enough of looking through a camera lens! Now it is time for the website and the rest of preparations. 
So please keep still your fingers crossed. 
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I wish you all a good weekend. 

Tuesday 24 January 2012

Design in Poland - modern dollhouse by Miniio

Modern dollhouse that I would like to have for myself ;-)
 I don't know what to say, its just amazing. 

Design by Małgosia Drozdowska & Agnieszka Klimczak : " Mums who dreamt of little pink dresses, silk ribbons, dressing up in ball gowns and playing with doll houses. We are mums. Of boys. Three fantastic boys, we love more than any girl in the world. But still….." That's why, with the help of one crafty dad, miniio was born. " 

Toy - Snooshy

Do you know Snooshy ? I didn't! But from the first sight I feel it will be a perfect gift for my son. My boys do not really like any soft animals or bears to hug or to play with ;- ) so I hope this cool guy will rule. All the Snooshy super creations are designed by graphic designer Francis Hörters. After years of working in advertising as a film-editor, computer graphics artist, director, art therapist with children from new-comers and being a mum - she starts something new! She began her own label under the name Snooshy. 
Unique and really special. I'm happy to see something more for boys in the 'cuddle' department.  

 now is some sample sale- so check it out ;-) 

Monday 23 January 2012

Illustration - Iván Solbes

Today I want you to take to Madrid to see colorful and fresh illustration of Iván Solbes. He is an independent illustrator having already wide experience in graphic design for magazines, newspapers and advertising companies. Last year he published his first book, which you shouldn't miss! It is about how : " It's cool to be five" . I'm sure my son who is exactly this age will love this story and the powerful graphic. It is now available in Spanish, but I translated few texts of Jose Maria Mayorga, and I was laughing so much! 
" Imagination, creativity, enthusiasm, curiosity, optimism, confidence, energy…
this is your territory when you're 5 years old."  

 You are in a wonderful age, " the magic age" , it all starts with the things you say: 
 Ass! ha ha ha ha
Sometimes I have nightmares, and they give me a hard time. I dream that tiger will eat me. A monster chasing me full of skulls and toothbrushes. A white shark bites me in the guts" .
My parents say that nobody is going to hurt me but of course they think that monsters do not exist. 
I can climb a tree
 I know very well how to shock. One of the things I enjoy doing . 
and make funny voices
and ugly faces
yesterday I fell and I lost a tooth
I like to play with my father.
 I can throw a ball a long way.
That's it. Definitely cool to be 5 !

Thank you Iván for you e-mail. It was pleasure to discover your work.
 I cross my fingers for publications in other languages!

Friday 20 January 2012

Film Festival Rotterdam 2012

 ' Kijken door kinderogen is opnieuw leren zien'  
'Looking through children's eyes is like learning to see again'
is one of the themes from International Film Festival Rotterdam this year. For me one of the best city events ever. It is starting next week but today I have already booked my tickets. I wish I could move to the cinema for a few days, but of course my husband will be not so happy about that so I will see just few of the films. Meeting some of the art directors is also always really fantastic event during the Festival and the atmosphere is pretty amazing. Rotterdam festival is known not only for the films but for the great and engaging audience.  Looking for it so much! 
I wish you a good weekend. 

and yes, I finally found my perfect 2012-daily planner calendar ;-)
 beautiful work of Julia Kostreva - I'm her new admirer.