Friday 31 May 2013

VTwonen plying with letters

The last vtwonen magazine JUN2013 it's so great! I really like the interior ideas with the theme : playing with letters. It's created by stylilst Cleo Scheulderman and photograph by James Stokes. The stonewashed linen bedding got a text made by hand. It gives such a personal touch to it. Making a letters from nails and thread, looks like a very easy to do. The colors choices and textures are so inspiring ! 

I wish you a great weekend! 

Wednesday 29 May 2013

Rafa-kids photo styling workshop with Paulina Arcklin

We just did our first photo session in a new Rafa-kids studio! 

Stylist and photographer Paulina Arcklin came to Rotterdam to make with us the photo styling workshop. Do you remember my post about: picture-this-concept-by-paulina-arcklin ?  It was a 'brain storming' time when we planed and talked a lot about how to show our new A teener bed and a set of F&R beds

Since a while we were preparing some big steps with Rafa-kids concept and one of it was a big need for a studio. I was just desperate for a place where we can work, make more pictures of our design & ideas and welcome people to meet us and see our products. It all came not in a very easy way….but we finally have amazing, loft, industrial space ! Paulina did amazing job to show how she works and how you plan, style and make professional pictures. We are hungry for more, but I think it's just a start . I'm very impatient person and want to have all in ones and the best of course, as soon as possible  but I have to take a  breath  and keep making little but important steps.

I hope you like our teener room idea. I think it belongs to a very sophisticated boy , but also very relax one, who enjoys life. The gray tones are so soft and calm. We wanted to show that our A teen bed can also be part of a comfortable day routine. It is a nice hang out pleace and not just a bed you push to the corner of a room. We  chose affordable accessories to show that you can create a stylish room with great atmosphere whithout spending a fortune :) Products we used for the photo's session :

Teener bed from Rafa-kids :  A teen bed + mattress
Gray bedding set and plaid : H&M 
Pillows and wooden hooks : HKLiving 
Chair and lamp - ikea 
Knitted dark baskets - Loods5
jeans, T-shirt , books and orange shoes belongs to Arek ;-) and he made the A letter.

You can find more great pictures from the workshop at Paulina blog 

Tuesday 28 May 2013

Rafa-kids - behind the scene

Since last Thursday, we were so busy. We welcomed a big track in front of our studio with all Rafa-kids beds in colors and then we sort out all of them and prepare the first shipments for our waiting customers. On Monday we had planned photo session workshop, so we need also to prepare so many things for it. Sunday afternoon we just took boys with us to our studio.  Robert loves to help set up the beds and Franek got a serious work to stick the black dots on the paper lamps ;-) They feel like home there ….

We got a fantastic photo workshop with  Paulina Arcklin . I just can't wait to show you pictures we made. 
Stay wit us , more soon…. ;-)

Thursday 23 May 2013

The animal Alphabet posters

I'm totally grabbed by this simple graphic animals alphabet posters from Matmabe
Limited editions printed from England. This is definitely affordable art not only for children's rooms and will add a great modern and graphic touch to any space! 

Tuesday 21 May 2013

Hanging hooks

Do you use hanging hooks in your home? 
I'm a bit obsessed with it since I don't have any wall to put it on ;-) What I like about all this hanging hooks is  the presence they have on a wall. Most of the wall mounted hooks systems can look a little lonely , and this ones have a great graphic impact on the space. 

The most I like the wooden hooks designed by Staffan Holm for HAY. They are fanny and functional, with a beautiful colors. The second choice will go to a Dutch company HKliving, which offers round wooden dots with lather cross inside, in 3 sizes and many colors. I have just discover on their instagram , that they will add a new cross hanging hooks to their collection , and I think it is going to be a hit ;-) I can't forget about the classic muuto wooden hooks

Monday 20 May 2013

Rafa-kids F bunk bed in a yellow room

We spend such a lovely afternoon at our friends' place yesterday. Treated well with great talk and delicious food. We just couldn't resist to make a few pictures in their son's freshly painted room with our Rafa-kids F bunk bed. You have to believe us, we didn't advise the color!!! Their 7 years old boy loves yellow and he would like to have mainly this color. I really like the gray with it and a bit of dark blue. Looks so fresh and modern. There will be also a desk and more boys' stuf soon…. but the place under bunk bed is well used already!  We are more than happy to see our design in such a beautiful house and space. 

Friday 17 May 2013

Your own letter banner

Do you know " Make your own banner" ? 
It's a set of 127 letters from which you can make any kind of sentence and hang them at home. I like letters a lot and use them as a decorative element sound like a great idea to me. The black letters are for more graphic touch but there is colorful set too. They are available in Holland at eennieuwavontuur. Beautiful shop Mokkasin have them too. The banner is coming from Omm Design

I wish you a great week -end. 

Wednesday 15 May 2013

Zenzi - design

If you are looking for something very different and unique for your child, then you must step from time to time by kickcanandconkers. You will always find something fresh and new , like I dissevered this beautiful Zenzi-design.  Behing this small brand is standing an illustrator and graphic designer from Cologne. 
" In my cozy studio, I look out the window and think things out of me. Crazy stuff, practical stuff, pretty things, big and small things for you! I am glad if you like something." 
Yes, I do! 
Zenzi - design :  shop - website  - blog

Monday 13 May 2013

Lille Nord magazine

I have to be honest and say there is not many children orientated e-magazines that I like. Most of them focus on fashion and are not much interested to present some modern ideas to decorate children's room.  
The scandinavian Lille Nord magazine is a big exception. It is very inspiring, full with great DIY projects and interesting children's rooms. The bold and minimalist Danish style is so present and speaks to me. I really like the DIY paper masks - you can see all the tutorial inside the magazine here : Lille Nord. 

Chlo├ęs room is so cosy but with minimalist scandinavian touch ( hay boxes, bobochoses rug on the wall, Japanese balloons) . The credits for this room goes to mimiscircus , so I guess its a room of the daughter of the owner of this very nice children shop. Pity there is no single word about it! I'm a fan of the beautiful we do wood desk, finding its place in the room. Please have a look at all magazine :  Lille Nord