Wednesday 25 February 2015

moustache - design with a twist

moustache - design with a twist
photo ©Photo Guisset
laps from moustache
laps from moustache

It’s a holiday break for my two boys this week. We are spending some quality time together als a family. My days are then mostly dedicated to my kids and I’m in a mood for something funny. 

French brand Moustache always surprise me with their innovative ideas. Their Bold chair and the Tiger rug are my favourite. The chair is made up of two tubular parts of metal and to me it doesn’t look like anything I have seen before. Which colour would you choose? Their tiger rug would be a perfect new friend for my little monsters at home! 

design by moustache

tiger rug by moustache

yellow design stool from moustache

Moustache was established in the 2009 by Stephane Arriubergé and Massimiliano Iorio
Interesting article about the brand you can find here: two furniture manufacturers two worlds

“ Without the backing of a strong investor, in just two years Moustache has established a sales network that combines online selling with local furniture stores. The experience they gained with Domestic, the company specialising in small everyday objects such as plates and wallpaper, which the two founders have been running for several years now, was a great help. The seven-man team of both companies shares the storerooms and offices. Moreover, the contact to designers had already been established. That said, the fact that the economic crisis forced several manufacturers who produced furniture for Moustache to file for bankruptcy, made the initial years particularly tough.” 

Monday 23 February 2015

children room’s in vtwonen style

vtwonen kinderkamer collectie
kids depot letters decoration for the wall
kidsdepot new Dutch brand for accessories in kids' room
two photo’s above credit : kidsdepot
desk for kids from vtwonen hues collectie

Let’s start our Monday with inspiration for a children’s rooms. 
I choose to show you, some rooms in a vtwonen style, and if you are not familiar with this name, here is a small introduction.  Vtwonen is a Dutch interior magazine which comes out every month and is run by Carlein Kieboom. Instead of mainly following the trends of their sector, the mag has their own, very strong style, which you will always recognise, going through the pages. Part of their team, are two of my very favourite stylists : Marianne Luning and Cleo Schuerman

Why I like so much the vtwonen’s style and what’s so unique about it ? In few words, I will say creativity to mix old and new elements, vintage pieces with modern design, courage in use of different textures and colours. DIY ideas are very important part of vtwonen’s world. You will see a lot of natural materials, raw, not polish, sober furniture and accessories. Children’s rooms are part of this concept, and that is something I really appreciate.  Vtwonen even have their own junior’s furniture collection.

room for two kids - Cleo Schuerman styling
kinderkamer inspiratie
kinderkamer inspiratie vtvonen styling Cleo Schuerman
kinderkamer inspiratie vtvonen

photo’s credits : inspiratie - kinderkamer

Thursday 19 February 2015

Spring/Summer 2015 at Bonton Paris

fasion for kids at bonton in PAris
Melanie Rodriguez for CIFF Kids (Copenhagen).

“ …Discover new colors such as rose parfait, beige lune, gris city, vintage yellow, bleu Augustin, rose fard, orange flamme, rouge Eden, aqua glass, funky turquoise, jaune rayon ! … “ 
Spring/Summer 2015 fashion at bonton in Paris

Today I have for you some beautiful colour treatment coming from Paris. 

If I need to talk about colours in the children’s world then my first thought would go to a Bonton store in Paris. Their carefully selected collections always grab my attention. I absolutely adore their collages made from products they design and sale. The new collection for Spring/Summer 2015  is not an exemption. 

When I saw pictures made by Melanie Rodriguez for CIFF Kids ( Copenhagen) I notice some colour similarity with Bonton and I thought it will be nice to put them together. 

I really don’t know which of the collages is my favourite, all of them are so pretty. 
Orange with peach ? Lemon with mint ?  or soft pink with yellow ? 
that’s not all, you can see the entire collection here : Bontonparis - springsummer-2015

Spring/Summer 2015 at bonton in Paris

Melanie Rodriguez for CIFF Kids (Copenhagen).
Spring/Summer 2015 at bonton in Paris
Inspired by one of the Spring/Summer collages of  Bonton I made a selection of products for an stylish and fresh looking Toddler Room: 

Toddler room with Rafa-kids bed and accessories

1. Bedding Teepee rose - Ferm Living at Rafa-kids
2. Mono Cat - Donna Willson
3. Box - Muuto by Lesenfantsdudesign
5. Rainy Day Blanket - Donna Willson
7. Ouef cast - at Lesenfantsdudesign
8. Carpet from normann-copenhagen
10. Acapulco chair at Smallable

Tuesday 17 February 2015

teenager room with Rafa-kids' furniture

teener room with Rafa-kids furniture

I find it very rare to find a furniture that can be used in many different types of space, and appeal to many different aesthetics. Traditional or modern, bohemian or minimalist. Not to mention furniture for children, which we can buy when they are around 7-8 years old and still use it when they are 18….That what I would like to show you today. Rafa-kids strive to create quality design which can be used for years and grow with the child. I think we can achieve it by getting our kids’ furniture with clean lines, stylish, and timeless. I don’t have a teenager at home yet…

My older son (8 ), loves soft and delicate fabrics ( yes! ) this is always our priority when we buy new clothes for him. I hope softness, beautiful lightweight texture and comfort  of linnen from Rafa-kids’ collection will be his first choice in the future. Together with sophisticated design of furniture and plenty of personal accessories around it…

teener room with Rafa-kids furniture

links for all the Rafa-kids collection products: 

teener room with Rafa-kids furniture
teener room with Rafa-kids furniture

Saturday 14 February 2015

pouf for kids' room

white pouf crochet
black&white pouf crochet
black&white pouf  and rug crochet

It was silence on the blog all week, I know….
We were very busy finishing the NEW design for Rafa-kids and this was taking all my energy and focus. I’m so exited and can’t wait to show it all to you! 

Now it is finally weekend and we can enjoy family relaxed time. 
I have an eye on poufs for some time now. I don’t know were this is coming from, but I think they add such a great, playful element to a child’s room. 
I searched on Etsy for all the nice, hand made poufs  for you…I hope you like it. 
Have a wonderful weekend! 

photo’s links : 1  - 2 - 3  -  4  - 5 - 67 - 8

sebra pouf  for kids blue
colourful Pouf Crochet and pillows
colourful Pouf Crochet and pillows
pastel Pouf Crochet
Pouf Crochet  with star

Monday 9 February 2015

modern wallpaper for kids' room

decoration children'r room with wallpaper
kids room wallpaper

ferm living kids room wallpaper

Picking the perfect wallpaper for a child’s room can be a challenge, 
but there are some fantastic choices out there . 
If you ask me about my favourite wallpaper for my kids, it would be either simple geometric pattern or free outlined, irregular form, wall decoration. Geometric wallpaper gives sort of background and doesn’t dominate an interior.  Irregular  pattern wallpaper ( like the one with different sizes of letters on the picture) will do exactly the opposite. What I like most about it, is that it can be accully child/teener drawing or collage and it doesn’t look like ordinary wallpaper. I really like collection of wallpapers by  Onszelf , there is plenty of this sort of creative wallpapers to choose from. 

wallpaper for teener room - oneself
great wallpaper for teener room - oneself

I’m so glad that the time when wallpaper was used through the entire room has passed, and now we mostly do just part of the wall to make it more personal and cosy.  

You can also often see, that people mix patterns of different wallpapers with each other. Please look at the wall behind the yellow wardrobe. I’m not sure if this is  ‘ready’ made wallpaper or someone made a collage, but the final effect is very impressive. All organic forms, like flowers, leaves or forrest elements are perfect to mix and much. Personally I would stay with more simple, one sort of wallpaper in one space. This way, I have a great basic to play and look for matching colours with furniture and accessories. 

yellow wall paper in kids room
kate ferm living wallpaer in teener room
dots wallpaper in nursery room
wallpaper for kids room
 Rafa-kids collage 1/2   picture’s  links :   3/4/5/6/  7/8 /9/10

Sunday 8 February 2015

welcome February with colours of Muskhane

Muskhane Spring/Summer 2015 collection at M&O in Paris
Muskhane Spring/Summer 2015 collection at M&O in Paris

“…Even though it is still cold, windy and maybe even snowy where you are, the spring will arrive soon enough and so will the summer – we promise!…” 
this was a message I found in my mail box the other day from ‘soft gallery’ launching  their new Spring/Summer collection. At the M&O in Paris in January many other brands have shown their spring/summer collections and  Muskhane was one of them . Looking at their dreamy and colourful collection made me miss sunny summer days even more. Like I told you thousands of times: pink is not my favourite colour but in a combination with yellow, is something I accully really like. Don’t you think this Muskhane stand looks like a big candy store ?  I would pick up few of accessories to decorate. Their storage baskets and rugs are my favourite.

accessories for home from felt - Muskhane
 felt rug - Muskhane Spring/Summer 2015 collection at M&O in Paris
felt accessories for kids room from Muskhane
colourful felt rugs for kids room from Muskhane
colourful felt accessories for kids room from Muskhane