Friday, 11 November 2011

3 Favorites of Robert -1 year old

 Why do not have a look what our kids like most to play with ? 
Today 3 favorite toys to play with for my 1 year old son. 
the first one :  book "Looking for a hole" - Robert can watch it over and over again. 
I ask " where is the hole " ? and then the small hands are going to play and search! Beautiful and so simple isn't it?

 the second one: is a mummy's kitchen-mixer! Robert loves to put inside all the things, close it and then open again. I think he likes it because you can see through whats inside. 

the third one : old lego-duplo set. Simple to grab by small hands and try to build something. I bought it some 5 year ago on a second hand market from some nice girl for like 3 euros. Next time I will have a look at what the 3 favorites of my 5 years old son are!