Wednesday 29 March 2017

Let's Play with Monsters

Rafa-kids F bunk bed and B bench under it - Let's Play.
Rafa-kids F bunk bed and B bench under it - Let's Play.

Rafa-kids F bunk bed and B bench under it - Let's Play.

How does the room of 6 years old look like? My son Robert, who is this age dreams about a 'BIG  BOYS' bed, as he still sleeps in his R toddler bed. He shares a room with his brother, so putting 2 F bunk beds in this space, is simply impossible. We are still in a hunt for a bigger house to make his dreams come true. 
He likes to spend time to draw, to make little notes to us, as he started to learn writing and reading, which is very fascinating! Of course he loves to Play. What about drums?  Or pillow fight, especially when they are so cool in the shape of Monsters…he is very active and he is everywhere. 

In our studio he found his perfect spot under the F bunk bed, where we put the B bench. Do you like it? We designed this bench, to fit between the ladders, and are so happy to see how great it is working  'in action'.  The space under the F bunk bed looks now so defined and different. 

And we made a MOVIE!  
We are absolutely hooked to this new tool, and hope you will like it as much as Rafa do. 

Please watch…it is so much Fun. Don’t forget to turn the music on. 

Creating a  room for 6 years old with Rafa-kids furniture.
Working corner for 6 years old with Rafa-kids furniture.
Bloomingville mini pillow Monster

Special Thanks:
Northseadesign for letting us to use the beautiful laps from their store. 
Manufakturakd - for our Rafa-kids paper garland! 
and Monsters pillows and dots chairs are from Bloomingville mini. 

F bunk bed  + B bench from Rafa-kids - perfect room for 6 years old

Wednesday 22 March 2017

Rafa L shelf in Louis' Nursery

wooden toys for toddler
Louis' Nursery with Rafa L shelf
Rafa L shelf in Louis' Nursery

I’m so exited to show you today a beautiful nursery room. I hope you remember my blog post : Eastons nursery with Rafa kids L shelf, where I was sharing for the first time, a baby room decorated with Rafa-kids design. 
Well, today we have another project worth a look!  Angela, inspiring mom, living in Adelaide, South Australia, created this stunning space for her little boy Louis.  He is almost 17 months. As Angela calls this room  “ Scandi Nursery “ we know for sure where from she took her inspiration. I honestly have never seen so many cool wooden toys in one room!   I’m very pleased to see, that more and more parens are conscious to pick sustainable, long lasting toys, for they children. I know how difficult it could be, to say no to colourful, plastic kids world.  As you can see, it is possible…. 

Scandinavian style Nursery
Scandinavian style Nursery  with Leander Bed

with a special thank you to our Australian partner Inmyhood store. 

Sunday 19 March 2017

Beauty of linen - Yoliandotis

Yoliandotis Byron Bay
Yoliandotis Byron Bay linen wear for children
Francesca Bonato with kids
Francesca Bonato son in linen from Yoliandotis

Have you already planned your vacations for this year ? In this rainy March Sunday, I desperately wish for a warm breeze and a little beach house in the sunny part of the world. Instead I hide myself under fresh , white linen bedding in my bed …hmmm, it feels so good.  Then I scroll and watch beautiful Instagram account of Yoliandotis . It makes me feel I’m almost there, at Byron Bay. Yoliandotis offers plant dyed and ethically made garments and interior deco essentials. I like so much the atmosphere of her website and all what she does. Magical world that we can be a part off, for a little moment….

Byron Bay home to rent via villaarjunabali
Byron Bay home to rent via villaarjunabali
Byron Bay home to rent via villaarjunabali
Yoliandotis linen bedding for kids
villaarjuna Byron Bay house to rent kids room

Monday 13 March 2017

Let’s dream about the sea

Let’s dream about the sea - blog post Rafa-kids
Makii wall stickers - A teen bed Rafa-kids
Momanddadfactory whale shelf
Ferm Living for kids sea theme

We enjoyed a wonderful sunny weekend in Rotterdam and almost decided to drive to the sea, as it is only 30 minutes away by car. Instead we reached the city and got this year's first ice cream outside. The sunny weather get me into a holiday vibe, and that’s why I came into the idea for this post.
Let’s dream about the sea. 
It is such a timeless theme, which you can always use in a children’s room.  It brings a calm and relaxed atmosphere.  I like to see it with soft blue colours to cheer up our mood and hopefully bring good memories.  How we can decorate with the sea theme?  There is plenty of choice on the market, as  brands Ferm Living and Bloomingville are this season offering many accessories dedicated to the sea theme. A wallpaper with boats pattern, pillows, plaids and lovely sea soft animals, to add to child’s bed. You can find a lovely wall stickers, posters, clocks and little accessories, just look around. I will advice to stay close to different tones of blue and grey and contrast them with navy blue or red, mustard colours. Are you ready for summer to come ? I'm so much look forward to it! 

Bloomingville poster for kids room
Bloomingville kids room accessories
Bloomingville mini  pillows sea animals
Bloomingville mini
Bigstuffed animals at Molly Meg store London
Big stuffed animals at Molly Meg store London - XL shelf Rafa-kids

Thank you for inspiration.
 Picture used in this post - credits : 1 - 2 - 3 -4 & 5 - 6 7 8 9 - 10 &11 -12

Wednesday 8 March 2017

MOVIE time with Rafa

Since I remember we wanted to create Rafa-kids movies.

It is such a great way to show how beautiful and playful our furniture is in real. Each time we build a set for new pictures in our studio, we just wish to keep it for as long as possible, or invite people over to show it. Many of you live far away, so we needed to do it in a different way. 

Today I’m so exited to invite you to our studio and feel the atmosphere 
of “ Splash of Yellow “ 
Cosy , soft toddler room which we created in collaboration with Danish brand Fabelab. 

I hope you can see how much we care for each details not only of our furniture, 
but all the accessories we use in this set. Let’s bring a sunny and positive vibe. 

Rafa-kids toddler room