Thursday 31 March 2011

Film - 'Le Ballon rouge'

My sons always like to play with balloons. So simple and magic toy.

It reminds me today of movie cold  'The Flight of the Red Balloon' by Hou Hsiao Hsien, filmed in Paris. The film was inspired by Albert Lamorisse's classic children's film, 'Le Ballon rouge' (France, 1956) .

“....The film, which has a music score but almost no dialogue, tells story of Pascal (Pascal Lamorisse), who, on his way to school one morning, discovers a large helium-filled red balloon. As Pascal plays with his new found toy, he realizes the balloon has a mind and will of its own, and it begins to follow him wherever he goes.....”

Kids rooms - Danish hideout

It is a challenge to design a small room, specially for a child.
I found today this amazing room, for two boys. So funny and sweet.
designed by Kalle Thesbjerg, from Denmark.

Tuesday 29 March 2011

Toys- handmade by Tania

Sometimes toys for kids look like toys for adults.
Too scary? Too Strange ? Too beautifull?

This unique monsters are made by Tania from Berlin.
She is writing and working under the name :  SUPERNINION
She wrote :
"(...) my main passion is making stuff with fabric and inventing new little creatures. I have been doing this almost everyday for the last 7 years. I am interested in failures, imperfections and in what is possible to obtain after some "mistakes". I believe that sometimes a couple of button eyes can be a lot more expressive than the eyes of many human beings..."

Monday 28 March 2011

Monday - still dreaming ....

Welcome still so tired after my busy weekend home with kids.

Today a new start - the week begins.
Its nice to read a book, and to look at the beautiful drawings by Marit Tornqvist.
She moved from Sweden, and lives now in Amsterdam....
her illustrations are amazing.

Friday 25 March 2011

Book - children's room "Stockholm"

Few days ago I become the owner of the beautifull series of book's
"Children's rooms " by Jeu de Paume .
I can look inside the rooms of children in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Paris.
Its fantastic!
The foto's are so natural, and full of great details of children world. So inspiring!
you can easy buy this book in Nederland via vanmarieke she also has a beautiful fabrics for children.

 3 years old girl Lily, mother : Eva Liljefors/graphic designer.

 2 years old girl Zoey, mother : Jenny Hellstron/fashion designer.

3 years old girl Io, mother : Joanna Rubin Dranger/illustrator & writer.

Wednesday 23 March 2011

Design - Ma Cacabane

 small littel house 
to give the child some privacy hide disappear ;-)

Toys - kidsfactory - Breda

What I foud, and what I like ...from the shop kidsfactory
toys design by Anne Claire Petit - her history

 her official site with  beautifull new petit spring 2011 collection: giardino big vegetables-fruits.

some other toys from her.....


Place - kidsfactory - Breda

Today I went to a shop called kidsfactory in Breda. The building is pretty ugly but inside are plenty of interesting inspirations and accessories for designing kids rooms, especially the small ones. The interior have a nice industrial character. I find the furniture they sell a bit too 'dutch' - simple, clean but heavy. Nevertheless they have plenty of current accessories, wall papers and colourful gadgets for kids.

 this funny wordrobe from kast van een huis
 my son in the restaurant running around .....

Monday 21 March 2011

Monday - Wake up!

Today is the first day of Spring....

I never like Monday’s.
So  I will try to post something inspiring and funny on every Monday, and just start with  a good mood for all week. Today  an artist Anja Brunt, She made a 365facesproject , which I found on the flow webside. I like her  funny faces a lot, she made them from different materials and objects, its like everything its smiling ;-)

Saturday 19 March 2011

Place - Villa Zebra - Rotterdam

Villa Zebra is a children's art gallery in Rotterdam. Unique place for children where they are discovering arts and culture.The Villa maintains innovative exhibitions and art workshops for children aged 4 to 12 years.

The exhibition till 8 May 2011 is " Mothers& Fathers" 
Who is your father ? Who is your mother ?

My 4 years old son, made on the workshop at Villa Zebra a "relationship box"
a littel explanation from the author:
black card is a symbol of a father (computer monitor ;-)
 the orange brush is a mother, blue stripes - his brother (he was wearing that day a striped T-shirt ) and the face with blond hair is the author himself!  

In front of the building you see an art object  'Tetris'  made by Vetema . My son was playing there.
Here you can read more and play with Villa Zebra . It is a great place to visit !